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Automating Information Governance and Compliance – How do you compare?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Dec 6, 2018 10:40:00 AM

Automating Information Governance and Compliance – How do you compare

I recently read an insightful piece of research by AIIM on the topic of Automating Governance and Compliance, which you can view here.

The research explored some key themes surrounding the growth of data and its impact on compliance processes within organisations. The survey revealed that 51% of participants are planning to spend “more” or “a lot more” on information governance. This is not however spending as usual rather investment to be targeted at analytics and machine learning to automate key information governance and security processes.

Why? Organisations are no longer simply looking at structured data collected in databases, their focus is turning to unstructured data sources (documents) to discover Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) and understand where their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is.

Over 35% of those surveyed believe their organisation data estate will grow 5-fold over the next two years! With 75% forming the view that information overload is at best a problem and at worst a critical problem (17%).

Given the context it is encouraging to see that 38% have implemented some form of automated process to manage ROT and the proliferation of PII. However, over 60%, the remainder are relying on largely manual processes which given the predicted growth in data would suggest that the current problem is likely to get much worse.

Clearview’s information governance product – Infoboss enables you to effectively and efficiently index and classify your unstructured documents and structured data sources, enabling search-based machine learning rules to discover ROT, personal and sensitive data.

Download the Infoboss brochure or watch the Infoboss video: Automated data monitoring for quality and compliance.

If you’d like to discuss further or arrange a demonstration on how Clearview’s Infoboss can automate your governance and regulatory compliance initiatives then please get in touch.

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