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Board access to data?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 25, 2018 5:17:28 PM

Board access to data 1

Dear Sirs,

As a Director of a Business I can look at any part of our business easily and quickly, yet as a Non–Executive Member of a Board I have to rely on what is given to me; and that is one of the main 9 Flaws in Governance, Board access to datathat ‘Boards can be manipulated by the data given to them’.

Thank goodness that the electronic revolution has caught up with this and an innovation by Clearview has enabled some of our clients to remedy this situation via the Clearview Self-Service Reporting package.

At BDA we love this, and our dream is that any Board Member on the system should be able to interrogate the business performance for themselves and make their own comparisons and findings using simple instructions to achieve the data combination that they need for assurance or to challenge.

This also makes the role of a Board member more ‘real time’ rather than a ‘once a quarter’ concern, and we meet loads of board members that would love this capability.

This innovative level of software existing raises another issue about Boards, and that is all about their responsibility to ensure they keep their IT up to date and effective. Modern reporting tools like this Self-Service Reporting require an investment, but the payback the ‘Less is more’ reporting techniques promoted by us at The Board Development Agency also bring along huge savings in officer time and therefore big money!

Yours sincerely,

Hugh Laird

The Board Development Agency

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