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Customer Engagement Suite now with new NPS feature

Posted by Sarah Dunkley on Aug 31, 2018 1:00:09 PM

Customer Engagement Suite now with new NPS feature

Our Customer Engagement suite now comes with the ability to track Net Promoter Scores (NPS), allowing you to quantify customer engagement at different points of the customer journey. NPS ratings can be applied to multiple touch points, and monitored and analysed over time. This helps you formulate personalised improvement plans for each customer, and identify customer priorities and delivery requirements.

The Customer Engagement suite is also compatible with other customer engagement scoring methodologies, including CSAT.

What is Customer Engagement scoring?

A customer engagement score analyses service delivery across several markers and ‘scores’ it as a number, which can then be benchmarked against targets and average scores for other customers. Methodologies score customer engagement using different criteria, but a higher score is generally a sign of a satisfied customer. A customer’s engagement score is a snapshot of their level of engagement with your products and services, and how satisfied they are with your efforts to meet their needs.

You can tailor the scoring criteria to assess metrics relevant to your business, including responses to specific initiatives and surveys.

A customer relationship can then be analysed over time by how the score changes in response to various actions. Some methodologies have a single score per customer, whereas others allow you to assign different scores for different areas of your business relationships – e.g. delivery, quality, responsive communication and so on.

Net Promoter Scores

NPS uses a score index of -100 to 100 to show how keen a client is to recommend your services or products to other businesses. It is a useful measure of customer satisfaction, but also plays a major role in referral marketing. By applying NPS to your customer database you build a picture of overall loyalty and how effective your brand is at meeting your customer’s aspirations.

Find out more

Existing Customer Engagement Suite users can incorporate the NPS feature alongside any engagement methodologies they currently use. Comparing one or more methodologies is a good way of gaining deeper insight into customer loyalty and brand engagement.

The new feature is available as an upgrade for existing customers. New customers can automatically access the feature on implementation. To find out more, please call us on 0845 519 7661.

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