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Easy to use performance management system software - get started today!

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jan 23, 2019 3:24:00 PM
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Are you making the most of your employees’ skills? Are your workplace practices as effective and streamlined as they could be? Do you suffer high levels of employee absenteeism and staff turnover? The greater the number of employees, the more difficult it becomes to manually monitor and manage day-to-day workplace operations and performance - yet a happy and focused workforce with properly defined goals can increase employee enthusiasm, develop better workplace practices, and improve productivity. Maybe it’s time to think digital.

Clearview Performance Management Software

Using our suite of performance management software, you will be able to monitor and improve the performance and workplace practices of any number of employees and managers. Our easy to understand and operate software is designed to be job-specific, which can be set up to cover a wide range of related workplace tasks. It will help streamline your business operations and enhance business objectives.

Everyone within the organisation, from the newest employee to the CEO, should be aware of the use of performance management software, and why it is being used:

  • To enhance workplace practices.
  • To provide a safer and happier workplace environment.
  • To monitor operational costs.
  • To develop best practices.
  • To improve output.
  • To manage, develop, and retain talented employees.

Training Seminars

On our training courses, we will show you how to configure the software to mirror your performance management practices and how to properly develop a snapshot of staff performances.

Once your software is set up, you will be able to monitor workplace practices and analyse performance management outcomes, considering both positive and negative feedback. Not only will our performance software pinpoint high-performing employees, and those where additional training may be beneficial, but it will also provide an insight into possible shop-floor management potential.

Using our suite of performance management tools, you will be able to provide the additional help needed by those who are underachieving, compensate and nurture frequent high performers, re-focus and realign slipping organisational objectives, and streamline workplace practices to achieve higher output from a happier, more productive workforce. If you would like to know more, please contact us to arrange a demonstration of our software.

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