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Posted by Mark Hobart on Oct 12, 2018 2:09:28 PM

Do you have good quality data - Are you GDPR compliant

GDPR: four letters now carved into the soul of any organisation. The data-privacy landscape is made particularly complex by the fact that GDPR commissioner Elizabeth Denham describes the situation as “a work in progress”.

During this bumpy transitional period, the Data Protection Act (2018) means that companies are responsible for 91 elements of data protection, and can receive hefty fines if these rules are breached.

Prior to 2018, a data-breach fine was in the region of £500,000.

Post-GDPR, the figures are more ominous. Forbes – describing potential fines as “shocking” - calculates the hazy regulations as amounting to “£10 million, or 2 per cent of annual global turnover, and up to £20 million, or 4 per cent of annual global turnover”.

You may be right to feel concerned about this. Google was recently fined £3.8 billion under GDPR claims. Information Commissioner’s Office complaints are reportedly up by 160 per cent. Major companies such as T-Mobile and Superdrug have ascribed to the 48-hour self-reporting rule for data breaches. “We’ll take each case as it comes,” Denham says.

Thankfully, director Mark Hobart has been following this unfolding story from the start. Data quality and GDPR compliance are central concerns at Clearview, and Mark has organised this webinar to outline how you can use software to ensure that your organisation does not become absorbed in an information whirlpool.

Clearview’s software is already primed to navigate the data quality paths and compliance labyrinths, and there is no better guide than Mark. He’ll be taking us all through several key areas, including:

  • Inventory, collection, and consolidation of data
  • Automated data monitoring
  • What the rules are, and how they can enhance your organisation
  • How to locate information
  • Enhancing data retrieval efficiency
  • Handling freedom of information requests
  • Preparing – and barricading against – data breaches

In this rapidly shifting landscape, these lessons are important for everyone. GDPR, an afterthought in our astonishing digital era, is an important shift in how organisations interact with consumers and suppliers. Already primed for risk management, strategy management, and performance management, Clearview’s systems are the ideal tools for ensuring that data governance and management become a core component of corporate agendas. That, and – of course – avoiding hefty fines.

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Join Mark on the 17th October from 11am BST until 12am to get the latest details on how you can be not only GDPR compliant, but GDPR leaders: leveraging business performance by using quality information.

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