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Hitchhikers guide to travelling your performance management journey

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 25, 2018 4:20:40 PM

Hitchhikers guide to travelling your performance management journey

Every business leader wants their organisation to be functioning as optimally as it possibly can, continually improving with a performance improvement culture embedded at all levels and we want it as quickly as possible, now!

I’m sure like many you have invested in staff training, mentoring and even consultancy to kick start or move along your own business’ performance management journey; only to discover that over time it’s just not happening as you had hoped for and things have drifted back to business as usual. Back to walking and possibly not even in the right direction!

Accepting that performance management is a journey and not an isolated event is the first step.

What does the journey look like?

Managing performance is and here’s the thing, a continuous process which involves making sure that the performance of employees contributes to the goals of their teams and the organisation. Where a performance management system is working well employees are more likely to engage with the goals of the business, thus leading to greater success. The destination is known and people can move faster to get there if they can and are nurtured and encouraged to do so.

Bumps in the road…

There are a raft of challenges organisations face when looking at performance management, some of which you may identify with:

  • Lack of understanding of performance management;
  • Lack of purpose, and conversations certainly not focused on objectives;
  • Cumbersome processes and onerous paperwork;
  • Lack of confidence in holding what may be difficult conversations;
  • Fear factor;
  • Infrequently taking place, if at all in some instances; and
  • Not taken seriously by employees and/or management.

These are the inevitable bumps in the road when dealing with people and change, but with the right approach and processes there’s no reason why these should slow or even stop your journey.

Keeping on track…

Individual performance management means much more than a one off annual appraisal. You need to look at the horizon and not just the past, bridging between what happened yesterday and what we are doing tomorrow. Your organisation must embed a culture of conversations with regular staff engagement not episodic events. Ensure that managers and staff are all pushing and pulling in the same direction.

Do you need a lift?

Whether you’re already on your performance management journey or looking to start from scratch, then Clearview are here to help. We can help you review your existing processes and documentation, make recommendations based on best practice and demonstrate how a performance management software system can sometimes be the vehicle (pardon the pun) to speed you along your performance management journey.

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