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How effective business management software can transform your business

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Sep 14, 2018 3:56:48 PM

How effective business management software can transform your business

As a business owner or strategy manager, you’ll be used to tracking your staff and company’s output: perhaps using third party software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Clearview offer a range of business management software suites which can make this process easier and more effective. The three software suites can be used independently or linked, and allow you to more effectively log, measure and manage your business strategy, company performance, staff performance and customer engagement. 

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Here’s an overview of the software available and the impact in could have on transforming your business: 


Strategy and performance 

Our Strategy and Performance suite is designed to enable planning, risk management, performance management and business strategy monitoring, both at an individual and organisational level. Clearview Strategy and Performance suite is a modular system, allowing you to tailor it to your own requirements.  

Benefits include a risk manager being able to assign risk controls to individual team members under strict security restrictions: allowing a clearer individual view of responsibilities for risks. The strategy management module is an effective way to document and manage your business goals and allows you to keep track of milestones, KPIs and SWOT analysis among other things. 

Focusing on goals and closely monitoring the progress towards them allows you to keep your business strategy on target and use your time, energy and investment most effectively. Highlighting what’s working and what isn’t keeps your business focussed on the relevant issues and working as efficiently as possible. 

Try our efficiency and benefits calculator to see the impact this business management software could have on your company. 


Customer engagement and insight

Customer engagement is key to a successful business, and our specialist software suite provides you with plenty of tools to measure how well you’re currently doing and assist with planning to improve customer engagement in the future. 

The application includes a survey manager to gather customer feedback and experiences, an activity manager to manage and monitor customer involvement, a web portal for your customers, plus a range of reporting software. Getting an insight into your business from a customer’s perspective enables you to make improvements which add value to your service and drive the direction of future marketing campaigns to meet your customer’s needs. 


Businessintelligence and reporting 

Learning from past actions is crucial to transforming performance outputs in the future. Effective business reporting gives insight into the cost, performance and relative success of any business process, measurable against defined benchmarks. Clearview Business Intelligence and Reporting was designed for use in any sector and allows users of any skill level to easily search and analyse information through an intuitive browser-based interface. The data is presented in easy to interpret graphics such as VENN diagrams, maps, infographics, word clouds and crosstabs. 

The ease of use of this suite enables all members of a team to easily analyse business performance and the impact of your services: allowing every team member the ability to see how well their area is performing and identify possible improvements they could make. The easily interpreted reports can also be an effective way to present findings back to stakeholders and regulators. 


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Our range of suites provide a clear view of what’s happening in all areas of your business. This can help you streamline your processes and use your time more effectively to achieve even more. Detailed reporting and customer engagement feedback helps inform a clear plan of action toward future improvements and innovations. 

To arrange a demo of our software and see how it transforms your business, please send a message through our online contact form.

Download the strategy and performance suite brochure

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