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How performance management software is 100X better than your current spreadsheet method

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Apr 18, 2019 2:10:59 PM

How Performance Management Software Is 100X Better Than Your Current Spreadsheet Method

What drives the world’s largest companies to achieve their goals? Large enterprises have shifted from the traditional management method which is based on extensive and separate spreadsheets to fully integrated and highly effective software solutions.

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Clearview’s Performance Management software aligns performance metrics with your business’s strategic vision and provides measurable insights and solutions. You can forget about spreadsheet related errors.

Performance Management software overview

Our performance management software is available in different modules covering enterprise and individual-level issues. We help you redesign and build key centralised insights which provide a complete and updated overview of your strategic and operational performance analytics. You’ll have a clear understanding of where your organisation is failing in execution and what strategies are needed.

Integrated analytics

Our software offers a centralised ledger of all the enterprise KPI’s, saving you time and energy required to collect the data through error-prone spreadsheets. You’ll easily identify the issues your organisation is facing and can react by implementing and tracking the necessary measures to ensure successful strategy delivery.

Our modules explained

a. Enterprise processes

Our software solutions allow you to set business goals, record and monitor programmes and projects, and identify possible risks. You can assess these business risks, and then identify and monitor the controls and actions necessary to manage them. Unlike spreadsheets, our program allows experts to oversee and delegate strict risk management measures to team members. Our software acts as an umbrella coordinating platform which records SWOT and PEST analysis, defines goals and objectives, manages and monitors programmes and projects, registers and sets targets, streamlines business operations and strictly controls performance indicators.

Clearview integrates main frameworks such as ISO and Ofsted and is adaptable to most industry requirements. International standards are analysed and structured into separate target outcomes with linked performance indicators and clear improvement projects.

Your enterprise’s performance is rigorously analysed through financial metrics and other relevant indicators to guarantee business growth, delivery of strategy and increased client satisfaction. Our infrastructure incorporates Kaplan and Norton balanced scorecard principles for excellent performance.

b. Personnel

A company’s success depends on its people. Clearview offers efficient performance evaluation methods to help you lead your teams towards focusing on delivering the business strategy and identifying problem areas. You’ll be able to monitor performance levels and take appropriate actions to guarantee continuous growth.

With Clearview, you can identify both weaknesses and strengths of your personnel measured against both hard targets and behavioural competencies. Strengths can be used to nurture your high flyers and manage your talent pool. In areas that need improvement, engage your team in training to boost their performance and guarantee excellent deliverables.

Committed to YOUR success

The purpose of any software solution is to significantly reduce effort and improve enterprise results. Clearview is the guarantee to your business’s success in a challenging and competitive market. To see the changes we can bring to your business, try our efficiency and benefits calculator on our website. Because we care about your business’s success, we’ve made it possible for you to arrange a demo of our software and get a feel for what we can do for you.

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