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6 Steps To Getting The Most From Your Performance Management Software

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 28, 2018 9:27:00 AM

Get the most from your performance management software with these six simple steps

Performance management software can help you optimise your employees' strengths and productivity, improving communication in your workplace and helping you to achieve your business objectives. Here's our guide to getting the most from the business software solutions on the market today:

1) Identify your organisation's KPIs

Choosing the right KPIs will allow you to effectively measure individual and company performance against your goals and core values. When you identify and monitor KPIs, your observations will lead to better decision making and more progress and productivity in the workplace. Performance software provides an easily-accessed interface which will store, process and present the data securely.

2) Track and monitor your KPI metrics effectively

Performance management software allows you to keep track of the whole range of KPIs simply and effectively, and gives you the ability to link these KPIs to individuals. Analysing the figures will become much easier as software like Clearview's performance suite gives you the option of formatting the information in visually compelling ways like graphs, charts and presentations.

3) More effective communication leading to increased efficiency

Performance management software creates open communication channels where real-time feedback is possible, allowing a shift from an outdated review system to ongoing accurate feedback. Studies suggest that such feedback can boost company performance as you can identify problems, offer encouragement or assign new targets as needed.

4) Reassess employee and team goals often

Frequently reassessing the goals that your individual employees and teams have been set will increase productivity and engagement by checking that everyone is keeping up to date and continues to be challenged. If they achieve a specific goal or conditions change, performance software allows you to modify their goals, thereby achieving more and constantly looking forward to the future.

5) Link rewards to performance

Develop a system where your employees are rewarded for their good performance, whether it be with bonuses, time off or some other form of recognition - this will keep them highly motivated and on task. A generous reward system has been linked to a higher engagement at work and greater productivity and sense of pride in the work they are doing.

6) Introduce 360-degree feedback

Performance software makes 360-degree feedback reviews possible, giving a broader assessment of how an employee is performing and presenting the information confidentially to aid in further training and development.

Arrange a free demo of our performance management suite

Performance management software makes keeping track of employee's performance and achievements much simpler, allowing for increased productivity and engagement in the workplace. If you follow these simple steps you'll be able to optimise the way you integrate such business software solutions into your workplace. Contact us at Clearview to arrange for a demo of our software - our expert team look forward to working with you to boost your business' performance.

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