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What is risk management software and why is it vital for your business?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 21, 2018 12:07:00 PM

What Is risk management software and why is it vital for your business

Our enterprise risk management software assists businesses to identify, monitor, manage and control strategic, project and operational risk. The software helps you to analyse the causes and consequences of risk occurrences, link strategic risks to your business plan outcomes, and ensure risks are being effectively controlled and managed, aiding companies to make informed decisions related to risk appetite, risk management and risk control.

Our software guides your management of risk. New data can be consistently and methodically analysed, then appropriately stored for future reference. Processes can be established to ensure that new risks are captured, and re-evaluation of existing risks takes place promptly as your business evolves. You get automatic updates and scheduled reminders for when risk and risk control assessments need to be reviewed.

Strategy and risk-based auditing

Risk management software helps you to identify risk factors that directly impact on the success or failure of your core strategic plan. You can control against the negative effects that could arise from your plan and ensure that you seize the opportunities that may arise. Our risk management software has a big advantage over traditional spreadsheets: being more systematic, organised and secure.

Clear communication

If your company is conducting a programme or project that involves multiple departments our risk management software enables clear communication for optimum results. The analytical tools have a centralised risk register to avoid duplicating effort between teams.

Find out more

Risk management tools offer you a means to easily manage your risk exposure as a business. To find out how it could benefit you, please call to arrange a free demonstration of our Clearview risk management software.

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