In this webinar we provide insight into the process of migrating unstructured data from legacy storage such as networked shared drives and on-premise SharePoint systems to an Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint tenant environment.

Blending productivity and compliance to enhance ROI

clearview-2It seems that almost every organisation is either undertaking or contemplating a cloud migration of their data. It could be to Office 365 email, “lift and shift” company network document stores to OneDrive, a SharePoint migration or an application data transfer to a cloud service provider.


There are potentially many benefits for a cloud migration strategy:

  • Money - Save money on the total cost of ownership of the IT estate
  • Innovate - Innovate through leveraging cloud-based services;
  • Cyber Security - Reduce the risk of a cyber security breach
  • KPI's - Support and improve on other key performance indicators
  • GDPR - Simplify, improve and operationalise GDPR compliance
  • Improve - Improve content quality, findability, data life-cycle management and sweat your cloud investments

Whatever the reason, there is no doubting the complexity of the tasks ahead:

  • Configuration of the target environment – Applications and data storage services to use?
  • What data to migrate?
  • Who has access to it?
  • How do we classify our data?
  • Have we enforced our data retention and privacy policies?

In this webinar we show you how to:

  1. Discover your data
  2. Classify and cleanse (remove the ROT)
  3. Label the data ahead of the migration
  4. Configure the target environment ready to receive your clean and classified data
  5. Monitor the resulting data estate (on-premise if applicable and cloud) for quality and compliance issues as they arise

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