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Strategic business planning top tips - How to embed a performance culture

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 24, 2018 11:45:00 AM

Strategic business planning top tips - How to embed a performance culture

Performance culture is a shared ethos where there is a shared responsibility and ownership for organisational objectives and a commitment to achieve measureable targets. There are five key areas to consider in embedding a performance culture:

  1. Define your performance culture – describe the culture you are striving for, what your targets will be, and how you will measure those targets. Key members of staff should be involved at this stage.
  2. Staff development and training – case study evidence suggests that facilitating time for self-development, team meetings, and training can be crucially important in promoting a performance culture amongst all staff.
  3. Monitoring and measuring performance – invest in information systems, particularly those with the facility to produce performance reports at a disaggregated level, for example specific to board members, teams, individuals, and customers. Promote easy accessibility of performance information to all: staff, customers, board members, and stakeholders.
  4. Discussion – facilitate opportunities for discussion of performance issues at all levels and encourage all to contribute, and value all contributions.
  5. Routinely review – routinely incorporate findings from performance monitoring into planning, and promote awareness across the organisation and its stakeholders.

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