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What resources are available to help me create a strategic plan?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Feb 13, 2019 1:26:00 PM
What Resources Are Available To Help Me Create A Strategic Plan-1

The ultimate driver of success for companies in different industries is strategic planning. Running a business requires a solid blueprint to map out a path for achieving the bottom line. Strategic planning makes it possible for managers to outline which way to follow, depending on the short-term and long-term goals. Developing a concrete plan, however, requires the right tools. A business needs resources to understand what constitutes a good strategic plan and how to implement one for the most effective results. Which resources should an enterprise focus on, and where can they be found? Answering these questions will simplify the process for business managers.

Free online resources

The most accessible tools for SMEs that are looking to craft actionable plans for their operations are online resources. Some of the resources that companies can use include webinars, free guides and articles. The internet is a collection of materials that cover all sorts of subjects, and some of them don’t charge for access. A business can find articles and blogs written by industry experts and use that information to streamline its strategic planning. Forums are excellent places for managers to gain helpful insights into defining plans and executing them.

Paid resources

Companies have the choice of paying for certain resources to help with their strategic planning. Software designed specifically for strategic planning is one of the most effective tools. For Clearview, the Strategy and Performance Suite is our biggest seller. With such a tool, a company has the ability to record its goals, manage them, and monitor achievement. Whether it is SWOT or PEST analyses, the application can help a business understand its critical elements.


Training is another way that a company can pay to educate its managers on how to approach strategic planning. Business courses on the subject are available in both digital and traditional form. Reading top books on strategic planning can help as well. Managers can get recommendations from their peers.

The ideal partner

Besides sourcing the right materials to help with their strategic planning, many companies find benefit in working with a consultant or strategic planning specialist. Assistance may take the form of one-to-one training, new management processes or bespoke workshops. When investing in consultancy you must be knowledgeable about how to pick the correct partner. Not every vendor out there that claims to have the best strategic planning solution is suitable for a particular enterprise.

Experience is a big determinant when a business is looking for a reputable supplier. Clearview, for instance, has been providing strategic solutions for small and medium businesses since 2003, and that offers us a good insight on how to help different clients. This may be by providing software, providing advice and guidance, or by delivering a whole strategic planning solution.

Vision and objectives

Strategic planning is what sets the direction for a company by defining its vision and objectives, and how it expects to achieve these. Organisations must invest time in creating strategic plans that satisfy their business models. For this, companies require the right resources, and these can be free or paid. Business managers must decide how much they want to invest in strategic planning and be prudent about the providers they work with.

Clearview is a reputable software and consultancy vendor that supplies high-performing tools, and associated advice, for different businesses.

For more information about our strategic planning software and services, please call 0845 519 7661.

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