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The key to key performance indicators and how best to measure them

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 22, 2019 10:20:14 AM

Every company has a mission statement, a business strategy, and strategic objectives. The company will follow processes and take actions in order to attain those objectives and will also strive to create a culture of high performance and business growth along the way.


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How does software make KPIs easier to monitor?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 15, 2019 12:15:26 PM

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be tricky to understand, particularly if you're sifting through vast amounts of data. It can also be difficult to interpret what all of the different variables and outputs mean in context. Collecting the required data in the first place is also a challenge. If you're logging a lot of separate metrics, it can be difficult to present them in an informative way.

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The building blocks, and the effects, of a high performance culture for your business

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Nov 13, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Few other business terms are so often used, yet so poorly understood and applied, as 'culture'. Your company culture has a profound effect on the performance of your employees, the engagement with your customers, and, ultimately, on your bottom line.

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Harness the power of the balanced scorecard and optimise your business performance

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 24, 2019 3:10:26 PM


Kaplan & Norton's Balanced Scorecard model was developed in the early 1990's at Harvard University as an attempt to help organsisations measure business performance using both financial and non-financial data. When used correctly and consistently, it offers invaluable assistance in identifying improvement potentials, setting concrete goals, and tracking your progress towards achieving and surpassing them. The balanced scorecard is, thus, a powerful tool for translating your overarching goals and mission into traceable actions.

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How does software make KPIs easier to manage?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 11, 2019 10:00:00 AM

With thousands of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of everything. Gathering data, interpreting data, and turning the data into meaningful strategic advantages can be both time-consuming and risky. Thankfully, KPI management software has its own strategic advantages. Let’s take a look.

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The 5 best resources to use for strategic planning

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jun 28, 2019 9:40:13 AM

Writing a good strategic plan can be challenging, but the results are evident in the form of goal-driven focus and direction. Fortunately there are plenty of good resources available to help the formulation process.

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Clearview Systems: Using ISO to help clients see their businesses clearly

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jun 7, 2019 2:15:56 PM

In 2003, Clearview Systems identified a gap in the market. They blended their management consultancy expertise with innovative software development to create business performance software that enables companies that need ongoing business support to maximise the performance of their businesses day in day out.

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How to set organisational KPIs

Posted by Sarah Dunkley on May 24, 2019 10:02:38 AM

Key performance indicators (KPIs)
establish marker points that let a business evaluate the extent to which they’ve met their growth plans. Organisational KPIs are fairly straightforward to set, as decision makers will already know how they want their business to succeed. KPIs tie into individual performance management by influencing how companies assess worker performance, but KPIs themselves are always linked to organisational, rather than individual, attainment. KPIs require a broader data set and more personal oversight than individual goal setting.

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How performance management software is 100X better than your current spreadsheet method

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Apr 18, 2019 2:10:59 PM

What drives the world’s largest companies to achieve their goals? Large enterprises have shifted from the traditional management method which is based on extensive and separate spreadsheets to fully integrated and highly effective software solutions.

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How to identify key performance indicators for your strategy plan

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Mar 20, 2019 10:37:00 AM

Few organisations operate without some sort of strategic plan, often one that has been derived from a strategic planning audit. Those that don't may find they soon go out of kilter as different wings of the organisation pull in different directions. To ensure all teams and individuals in your business are working toward the same strategic goals, you need to establish a series of Key performance Indicators, or KPIs.

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