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What is business intelligence software?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 25, 2018 4:06:08 PM

Business intelligence software is a type of application software designed to retrieve, analyse, transform and report on data for business intelligence. Business intelligence comprises information containing patterns about customers, suppliers, business partners, transactions and employees.

Business intelligence software is ultimately technology that allows the gathering, storing, accessing and analysing of data to help business users make better decisions. Software solutions help in analysing business performance through data driven insight, understanding the past and present to help predict the future.

What is business intelligence software

There are a vast number of business intelligence software solutions on the market; Clearview’s business intelligence and reporting solution has been specifically built as a next generation business intelligence (BI) tool. Using ground breaking technology, Clearview Business intelligence and reporting allows users of any skill level to search, enquire and analyse information stored anywhere in an organisation through a single, easy to use, browser based interface. The software directly addresses a major weakness in traditional reporting by providing simple methods for users to get answers to ad–hoc questions without having to rely on an IT department generating reports, whilst also providing a common view of data across the organisation.

The software goes beyond traditional analytics by using search engine technology to provide the fastest and easiest to use ad–hoc enquiry and reporting product available in the market.

Using Clearview to improve business intelligence in your business

Clearview can help improve your approach to business intelligence by providing the following benefits:

Unique – Clearview Reporting is a next-generation, web-browser based business intelligence tool. It uses intuitive search engine technology to link multiple data sources across your organisation, giving you a complete picture of your business performance.

Business improvement – gain invaluable process and customer insight, identify improvements and efficiencies, apply a consistent approach to business intelligence, transform your service delivery.

Empower users – embed a managed self-service business intelligence culture, make reporting available to anyone in the organisation without the need for specialist skills or training.

Ad hoc and scheduled reporting — carry out analysis across multiple datasets, produce accurate and informative reports on demand.

Powerful graphics — view unique, dynamic dashboards of your data at a glance, click to drill down into the detail.

Simple deployment and rapid installation— run as a bolt–on to your existing technical infrastructure, minimal time to configure, add new data sources within minutes.

On the move – No problem, the mobile extension allows for access to reports and dashboards seamlessly on mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android.

When implementing any business intelligence software solution, it is crucial that you understand where your organisation fits on the business intelligence maturity model, including but not limited to data structure and readiness, data quality, data integration and organisational readiness.

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