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What is performance management software?

Posted by Nicky Hawkins on Jul 25, 2018 3:43:30 PM

What is performance management softwareLet’s start with a definition. Performance management software is any computer program that makes it possible for organisations to monitor and optimise their effectiveness. Many definitions of performance management software focus predominantly on the employee performance element of performance management; or simply capturing and monitoring performance indicators; however performance management is much more far-reaching across an organisation.

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Performance management software such as Clearview, is designed specifically for organisations to enable them to manage and monitor their strategy, planning, risks and performance at both organisational and individual levels.

The software provides a natural integration between strategies, programmes, projects, plans, performance indicators (PIs), risks, service standard criteria and personnel performance management.

All of the organisation’s performance information is instantly available, enabling continuous and rigorous self-assessment against a multitude of strategic and operational objectives.

Having an effective performance management software solution will enable your organisation to:

  • shape the purpose of your organisation, and align all change activity to the strategic plan ensuring successful delivery.
  • streamline processes and save time. Performance management software not only reduces the time required to gather information but also helps to eliminate duplication and misdirection of effort.
  • ensure that management time is focused and that your organisation concentrates on what matters.
  • drive continuous improvement in all that you do, easily identifying areas for review and action.
  • engage all staff in the process of achieving the delivery of the strategic plan, ensuring understanding and buy in to your strategic planning process, motivating and empowering staff.
  • embed a performance culture with clear ownership and accountability, promoting proactive decision making and action.

Whilst the right performance management software is not a magic bullet that can solve all of your service delivery challenges on its own, having the right tools can significantly improve your organisations’ abilities to deliver, as well as improving efficiency and effectiveness in delivery.

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